President’s special congratulations to female health workers on the Day of Motherhood and Beauty

On the Day of Motherhood and Beauty President Armen Sarkissian has offered special congratulations, best wishes and words of gratitude to all female doctors and health workers, who always, but especially in this difficult period, day and night take care for patients at medical facilities.

“I send my gratitude also to all women – policewomen and servicewomen, rescue or office workers, who today by the token of their job, profession and inner calling endanger their lives and health for us all, to the women, whose husbands hardly ever come home from hospitals, shifts, and offices because they are fulfilling their duties,” the President said.

“Women, and especially Armenian women, have always been the pillars of their families, taking the greatest load, tasks, and hardship. Today, when because of the existing situation, many have to stay mostly at home, their concerns and problems have multiplied, related also to the managing of the family’s daily life, distant learning of kids and grandchildren, economic issues, and so on. But Armenian women never despair and are able always to stay strong, with the unwavering conviction that every hardship will pass,” he added.

“Be assured that our gratitude and affection for you never change – fathers are enchanted with the twittering of their baby-girls, the sweetheart’s smile sends the young man’s heart to heaven, regardless of one’s age, we miss our mothers and wives and see them in our granddaughters,” the President said.

“All of this happens, dear ladies, because life begins and continues with you. Take good care of yourselves, be healthy, be happy, live long,” Armen Sarkissian said.

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