Spanish government imposes lockdown of entire country amid coronavirus outbreak

The Spanish government is to put the country under lockdown as part of its state of emergency measures meant to combat coronavirus, The Independent reports.

According to a draft decree, Spaniards will be ordered to stay at home except to buy food or drugs, go to the hospital, go to work or other emergencies.

Spain’s health ministry says it has recorded 1,500 more cases of Covid-19 since 18:00 on Friday evening local time (17:00 GMT).

The figures include nearly 1,000 more cases in the capital Madrid.

The total number of confirmed infections in Spain now stands at 5,753 as of 12:00 local time.

The death toll is 136, while 517 people have recovered.

Spain’s government is expected to approve a state of emergency, which can be maintained for 15 days before requiring parliamentary approval for an extension.

The state of emergency can limit people’s movements, temporarily requisition property (such as private hospitals), ration essential goods and guarantee products and services.

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