Presidential surprise on birthday

On February 4, marked as World Cancer Day, President Armen Sarkissian hosted the Arskhakian family from Aparan town of Aragatsotn province. The ten-year old Romik Arskhakian was diagnosed with leukemia and osteoporosis and was in the remission stage.

The President conversed with little Romik and his parents, inquired about the treatment process, urged him not to despair and take all stages of treatment with hope and faith.

Today Romik celebrates his 11th birthday. Along with the gifts, which he has received on the occasion of his birthday, the day will be memorable also because of a phone call from the President of Armenia.

And certainly there was a birthday surprise too, and a phone received as a gift from the President doubled Romik’s delight. Now he can call his family and friends more often, and certainly President Armen Sarkissian.

After Romik received the gift from the President, he called him and had a video conversation to express his gratitude for the gift and for President’s attention. President Armen Sarkissian congratulated his little friend and wished all the best on his birth anniversary, inquired about Romik’s health condition, and conversed on common matters.

Romik said that he was sending a gift to the President too, a picture of the Armenian Akhtamar Church and a small elephant souvenir. President Sarkissian thanked him for the presents and asked once again who Romik wants to become.

Earlier, at the meeting with the President, the boy had said that he wanted to be a rescuer or president. Today Romik again confirmed,“I will rise from a rescuer to a president.”

 “So, a rescuer first, then a higher position, a minister, and then president,” Armen Sarkissian said.

During a candid and jovial conversation, the friendship of the President and little Romik, which started one month ago, became even stronger. 

“You are a strong boy, a tough one and must overcome that disease,” the President said and wished the little one and his family health and success. “We will meet when it is a little warmer outside. Maybe, I will come to Aparan.”

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