Armenian soprano Ruzan Mantashyan expecting apologies from Semper Opera Ball in Dresden

Armenian soprano Ruzan Mantashyan’s agent Rene Massis has issued a statement, saying they expect apologies from artistic director of SemperOperaball, Hans-Joachim Frey, who recently tried to shrug off reports the Azerbaijani singer refused to share stage with Mantashyan.

“In your article, you seem voluntarily to mix up different issues to muddy the waters. You are also trying, in an intentionally sinuous way, to explain the working methods of artistic companies. In the content of your article, there are two things to distinguish: On the one hand, there are the human and cultural values of SemperOpernball,” Massis said in a statement.

“You highlight the presence of artists from all horizons – including Armenians – in your past events. We have never disputed this reality, we even explicitly welcomed it in our press release of January 14. You see that, in this area, we recognize your respectability and that of SemperOpernball,” he added.

On the other hand, the agent said, “there is the controversy born from the refusal of Mr. Yusif Eyvazov to perform with Miss Mantashyan for “political reasons,” an event which led to the cancellation of the engagement of our artist. One could think that you were forced to do so before the intransigence of your Guest Star.”

“This is not what would have been desirable, but the facts are there: Ruzan Mantashyan has been withdrawn from the project. The best attitude would have been, to say the least, to apologize to Miss Mantashyan. In this case, we could have tried to overcome this lamentable situation,” he continued.

“You haven’t even considered it necessary to establish a personal contact. Instead, in your press release of January 15, you dismiss, in an arrogant and insulting tone, the concrete arguments we produce to back up the facts of our version. By doing so, do you really want us to take another step and take this litigation to a further level?” Rene Massis concluded.

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