US-Iran conflict stepping into strategic dimension – Ruben Safrastyan

The first stage of the conflict between the United States and Iran is over, Ruben Safrastyan, Director of the Oriental Studies Institute of the National Academy of Sciences, told a press conference at Sputnik Armenia today.

He considers that the tactical stage is over, and the conflict will now move to a strategic dimension, should the US refuse to withdraw troop from the region.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has pledged to do its best to put an end to the presence of American troops in the Middle East. This is an important strategic goal that will lead to essential consequences,” Safrastyan stated. As for the US, he said, the goals are not that clear-cut.

He further elaborated that while Trump has pledged to cut its military presence worldwide, he fails to implement the promise as the opinion is not shared by the “establishment.”

According to him, the world is stepping into a new stage of international relations, where a single state, namely, the US, will not be able to spread its influence in different parts of the world.

Ruben Safrastyan says the Middle Eastern region will still be in turmoil over the coming two years.

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