Make Armenia a large port in the ocean of global data: Yerevan hosts Silicon Mountains conference

Artificial intelligence, new technologies, machine learning and mathematical modeling are absolute priorities for Armenia, President Armen Sarkissian said at the Silicon Mountains tech conference in Yerevan.

“I have a dream to see Armenia a large port in the ocean of global data. We always say that Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and other places have succeeded. One of the reasons is that they had ports. If we go 150 years back, most of the world trade was not through the Silk Road but through the ports,” the President said.

He added, that the countries that had the capacity to build ports, gradually became industrial hubs.

“But having a port alone is not enough; you have to work hard, get together and concentrate. We need to focus our efforts to move in the right direction. These are the directions: new technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning,” the President emphasized.

“I believe we can have Silicon Mountains, as we are diligent, honest and flexible nation that has survived a number of difficulties and found correct solutions,” the President said.

He believes Armenia can and should become a leading technology country, and that’s the only way to succeed.

The President also referred to his initiatives, particularly the ATOM (Advanced Tomorrow) program.

“This initiative may be another hill that will create a mountain,” the president added, noting that he plans to bring together the world’s largest technology companies such as IBM, Dassault Systemes, THALES Group, Elettronica within the framework of ATOM.

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