Armenian PM scolds Azerbaijan’s Aliyev for distorting history

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has scolded Azerbaijan’s President llham Aliyev for distorting historic facts.

Addressing the sitting of the CIS Council of Heads of State, PM Pashinyan said “using this important format to distort history and bring some tension to the atmosphere is improper.”

Unfortunately, he said “we saw such attempts in Ilham Aliyev’s speech.”

The statement comes after Aliyev said that Armenia glorifies fascism and the proof of it is the monument to “fascist Garegin Nzhdeh in the downtown Yerevan.”

“Hearing his remarks about Garegin Nzhdeh, to be honest, I remembered the famous Soviet film Kidnapping, Caucasian Style. When there is talk of the ruins of an ancient castle and there comes the question “have I destroyed the church too?” Ilham Aliyev’s words give the impression that Hitler had a secondary role in the war, and that the leader of the Nazi movement was Garegin Nzhdeh. And the reality is that Garegin Nzhdeh fought against the Turkish occupation of Armenia, fought against the Armenian Genocide organized by the Turks, and the fact is that Garegin Nzhdeh, by the way, led many important Russian officers in 1918 on a very important front. part during the Armenian-Turkish war,” Pashinyan said.

Nikol Pashinyan stressed that “the Armenian government pays special attention to war veterans.”

“Just a few months ago we doubled the social benefits to all veterans of the Great Patriotic War. I think it’s a really important decision,” he said.

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