Medical supplies and equipment from Fresno headed to Armenia

Boxes and bags and pallets of heavy equipment are being loaded with love.  They’re medical supplies- not needed by local hospitals- but still very usable, Your Center Valley reports.

Medical Ministries International-  a 20 year Fresno non-profit collects these supplies and ships them free of charge to hospitals and clinics throughout the world.  This load is going to Armenia providing life-saving care.  Care that we take for granted.

Like a birthing table going to a hospital that delivers 40 babies every day.   “We were blessed to have a birthing table here.  It will be the first really nice one they will ever have.  We’re sending incubators, we’re sending warmers,” says MMI board member Angelica Gonzalez.

Dr. Jeffrey Thomas will make his 4th trip to Armenia in the fall.  He’s seen the need first hand the difference each mission makes.  “The healthcare environment is rather primitive and sometimes the smallest thing they don’t have can be instrumental in how they deliver care,” Thomas says.

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