Snap elections in the basis of the new government program




Opinions vary on the new government program the Armenian National Assembly is expected to consider on June 7.

International security expert Armen Manvelyan says the program has been developed by a temporary government, that’s why most of its provisions are more of publicistic rather than scientific character.

According to him, one objective reason behind this is the lack of a security doctrine.

“The problem is that Armenia has no security doctrine. Armenia’s security strategy was developed eleven years ago and has not been changed ever since, while such programs should be based on doctrines and strategies,” Manvelyan said.

He says that how he program is set out very accessible to every citizen, but adds that it’s not always good for such programs to be accessible to everyone.

“Work on security issues has several shortcomings. First,

The expert says the security component has several shortcomings. First, he says, it’s not science-based, second, the division between the foreign and domestic policies is artificial, because “the country’s security cannot be divided into foreign and domestic.”

What’s more surprising to Armen Manvelyan is that the foreign policy has been included in the security section, which, he says, is also artificial.

“Foreign policy is definitely related to security. However, considering it directly within the framework of the security doctrine is wrong to me,” he noted.

Armen Manvelyan says the lack of figures in the program is normal, as it has been worked out by a government which speaks of snap elections in the first section.

“They have probably refrained from providing figures, considering that snap elections are planned next year, i.e. this is a transitional program, which stands out for its dilettante language,” the expert said.

Among other things the program lays an emphasis on fight against corruption, ensuring more descent life for citizens, development of economy and ties with the Diaspora.

Economist Tatul Manaseryan considers that the government has demonstrated an honest approach, has refrained from setting out tales and giving promises.

The program is a short-term one and presenting a more inclusive document would be unrealistic.

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