ARF Dashnaktsutyun withdraws from ruling coalition

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation has issued a statement, announcing its withdrawal from the ruling coalition.

“The situation established in Armenia as a result of the popular movement has been keeping the entire public in tension for days.

Fortunately, up until now it has been possible to avoid the worst scenarios. Over the past few days ARF has consistently endeavored to find an acceptable and reasonable solution meeting the interests of the country and the people through dialogue.

Things cannot continue this way. There may be serious challenges. We are convinced that the current situation should be solved exclusively within the framework of constitutionality and laws.

Taking into account the current situation, we declare the withdrawal of our participation in the political coalition,” the statement reads.

ARF said the Parliament should elect a Prime Minister who enjoys the trust of the people and the program developed by his government should help ease the domestic political tension, overcome the political crisis, outline proposals to solve the existing issues and prepare and conduct snap parliamentary elections in full compliance with democratic principles.

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