Parliamentary opposition has tools to solve issues without taking to streets – Defense Minister

In a parliamentary democracy, it’s not good when the free expression of will and democratic freedoms enter into conflict with other components of law, Armenian Defense Minister told a press conference today.

He also said there should be a clear distinction between parliamentary opposition and street struggle.

Minister Sargsyan noted that in parliamentary diplomacy the opposition that has received votes from people and is represented in the parliament has more tools to solve issues that the opposition that does not possess such tools and has to take to the streets.

In this respect, he said, the developments “are yet another test to our diplomacy.”

Asked about Prime Minister Serzh sargsyan’s reference to March 1 events during a short meeting with opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan, Minister Sargsyan said “the words can in no way be treated as a threat.”

“It was a warning that any such development can lead to escalation, which I think no one will benefit,” the Minister said.

Vigen Sargsyan said that the very fact of negotiations was an evidence of the Prime Minister’s willingness to engage in dialogue.

The Minister said he always sees opportunities to continue the negotiations. Accoridng to him, it’s not only possible, but also necessary.

He noted that “the Armenian people is sober and reasonable and is able to solve issues in a reasonable way.”

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