Armenian opposition leader to hold talks with acting PM

Armenian opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan said on Monday he would hold talks with Karen Karapetyan, the acting Prime Minister, to discuss to discuss the agenda of “peaceful transfer of power.”

“We are ready to continue talks with acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan on Wednesday to ensure a transfer of power to the people,” Pashinyan told tens of thousands of supporters in the capital’s central Republic Square.

Outlining the further steps, Pashinyan said that after Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation the National Assembly should appoint people’s candidate as Prime Minister in the coming week.

After that, he said, a temporary government will be formed. Furthermore snap parliamentary elections will be organized within the “shortest  logical time limits.”

Serzh Sargysan quit as Prime Minister today after ten days of protests. “The street movement is against my tenure. I am fulfilling your demand,” Mr Sargsyan said in a statement.

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