Serzh Sargsyan elected as Armenia’s Prime Minister

The Armenian National Assembly voted 77 to 17 today to elect ex-President Serzh Sargsyan as Prime Minister.

Serzh Sarsyan was nominated by the ruling Republican Party and its coalition partner ARF Dashnaktsutyun.

According to RA Constitution, the President of the Republic shall immediately appoint as Prime Minister the candidate elected by the National Assembly.

The government shall be formed within a period of fifteen days following appointment of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister shall, within a period of five days following his or her appointment, propose to the President of the Republic candidates for Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers.

The President of the Republic shall, within a period of three days, either appoint Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers, or apply to the Constitutional Court.

The Parliament sitting was accompanied by wide-spread protests led by opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan.

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