Center of Yerevan blocked amid protests

Protesters have blocked several streets in Yerevan in a protest against ex-President Serzh Sargsyan’s nomination as Prime Minister.

Protesters took to the streets after Nikol Pashinyan, leader of the initiative dubbed “My Step,” announced an action of civil disobedience and urged all to go on a strike and join the rally.

Early on Monday the Police issued a statement, warning that most of the actions contain obvious violation of the RA Law on Freedom of Assembly and have features of apparent offenses, which could lead to “responsibility prescribed by law.”

Several hundred people sat or laid down on pavements on Monday, blocking roads leading to the parliament building and universities.

The Police said that besides hampering the free movement of the residents of the capital, and other rights arising from it, the action poses a real threat to the lives and health of the citizens.

The Police stressed that “the right to peaceful assembly,  accompanied by violations of public order, is not absolute and can be subject to restrictions by proportionate actions of the Police arising from the situation, up to the decision to end the strike.

The Parliament is expected to be elected as Prime Minister on April 17.  If elected, he will maintain huge influence under a new parliamentary system of government.

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