Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople calls for unity

The Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople has issued a call to the community, urging unity broad-based consensus “extraordinary period of about ten years.” The statement reads:

1 The Armenian community in Turkey is experiencing an extraordinary period of about ten years of search for a new patriarch. The tensions have accelerated over the past one year, after all the things we have known have dragged the life of our society out of its natural parade. Today it is time to shake this burden, to distribute the pessimistic air, to continue on the road with new enthusiasm and faith. Our Advisory Board is also determined to be a follower of all of our problems, especially election problems that have dragged on.

2.The objective evaluation of the decade that we have left behind puts a picture in front of all of us. Our social life is on the verge of being paralyzed. By taking the necessary lessons, it is time to look ahead now without repeating the mistakes made.

Our congregation, unfortunately, has not been able to achieve its purpose, despite the desire to have a new patriarch. Every fruitless experiment has created a new frustration, and our society has created waves of anger and reaction, but the community has not found a new patriarch. Everyone wants an election, but it is not enough to just demand it without creating the necessary ground. The precondition today is clear: a consensus that will be provided on the basis of mutual love and respect.

3. We have to determine the future with a new sense of responsibility. We have to start a period in which vicious reactivity is over, that is beyond moral limits, far from accusative discourses, and each unit will show the will to put under the stone. All associations and institutions of our community must develop a new soul without confusing the areas of authority and responsibility, avoiding the unnecessary struggles, aware of the value of our common resources, avoiding manipulations, and reaffirm each other’s respect for their societies. It is both our wish and our call that the coming Holy Resurrection Day become a milestone in this sense.

4. To be able to overcome the electoral crisis, it is important to understand the responsibility and self-sacrifice that befalls each individual of our society. We need a broad-based consensus, an inclusive logic. In this respect, the role of the congregational press is extremely important. On the contrary, a healthy, constructive, empathic discussion environment where everyone can freely express their ideas is a great necessity. In particular, it is imperative that our dynamism in social networks is reflected in this process. On the other hand, the presence of a silent majority within our society should not be overlooked. The patience that these widespread societies exhibit is the greatest assurance of the collective mind of our society. While using our freedom of expression, let’s not fall into the spoils of smear campaigns, knowingly or unknowingly. Let’s stop targeting individuals and focus on principles and outcomes. This maturity will show us the light at the end of the tunnel.

5. Our society has the strength and the potential to solve this problem without delay. Better late than never. Otherwise, the stability of our entire community will be jeopardized. Without the unity, how can we expect a more prosperous future under the leadership of our Patriarch?

Let’s take advantage of the opportunities our state provides us. Let’s give our children an identity that they will be proud of. Let’s gather the fruits of our solidarity together and enjoy sharing them as brothers and sisters. Let us not be indifferent to those who want to drag us into ambiguities, extremes. Let’s trust each other and keep our hearts open, when we greet each other in two days.

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