France’s Macron congratulates Armenia’s President-elect on victory

French President Emmanuel Macron has congratulated Armenia’s President-elect Armen Sarkissian on victory.

“I will be glad to work with you to strengthen our bilateral relations based on historical long-term relationships, as well as the political privileged ties at the level of governments, parliaments, local self-governing bodies and civil societies,” the French President said.

“The Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement, recently signed with the European Union, gives new dynamics, which, I hope, will be expressed in growth of investment and trade-economic relations between our two countries,” Mr. Macron added.

Emmanuel Macron said the Francophonie Summit to be held in Armenia on October 11-12 is a unique opportunity to deepen the ties between Armenia and France.

He assured that “France will ensure its participation in the success of the summit.” “I’m glad to participate in it and visit Armenia on this occasion,” the President added.

Mr. Macron assured that “as an OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing country, France is fully committed to the process of finding a negotiated and sustainable solution to the Karaabkh conflict.”

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