Serj Tankian announces winners of 7 Notes Challenge

Alpha Lighting System and Mariam Petrosian have been named the winners of Serj Tankian has announced the winners of his 7 Notes Challenge.

“The jury voting resulted in a tie at the top spot and I couldn’t be happier for Alpha Lighting System and Mariam Petrosian who will each receive $2500 for their awesome submissions,” Tankian said in a Facebook post.

“Mariam submitted a hauntingly beautiful song that won’t leave me and Alpha Lighting System submitted one of the coolest prog tunes ever. There were so many impressive submissions so thank you to everyone that participated,” he said.

System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian announced the contest in October 2017. He wrote the first 7 notes of a new song and challenged to continue it.

Check out the winning submissions along with the rest of the Top 100 here.

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