Armenian National Security Service uncovers terrorist plot

A US citizen is wanted in Armenia for being allegedly involved in a terrorist plot. The National Security Service has issued a warrant for his arrest.

The NSS said in a statement that “a US citizen identified as R.K, an ethnic Armenian, registered in the Facebook social network as “Martin Avagyan” in September 2017, publishing materials on the establishment of the group “Fighters in the Name of Justice.”

The Facebook page was used to make direct calls for violence against law-enforcement bodies and other officials, organize blasts and arsons, and thus create an atmosphere of fear.

According to preliminary data obtained by the National Security Service, the man tried to create a criminal group comprising Armenians from Armenia and abroad and intended to carry out acts of terrorism on the territory of Armenia.

Considering that the suspect is a US citizen, the Armenian General Prosecutor’s Office has provided the collected data to the US law-enforcement bodies. The NSS has taken measures to identify his accomplices in Armenia.

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