Aznavour’s ‘La Boheme’ was Israeli President’s love song

Photo: AFP/Gali Tibbon


Singing legend Charles Aznavour’s ‘La Boheme’ was Israeli President’s love song.

“‘La Boheme’ was our song,” President Reuven Rivlin  told Aznavour at a recent ceremony at the President’s Residence, where the singer was awarded the International Raoul Wallenberg award, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“We were so excited about meeting you,” Reuven Rivlin wife Nechama said.

Aznavour said he would have a surprise for the president when he and his wife attended his performance in Tel Aviv on the following Saturday night.

Rivlin and Aznavour spoke of the special bonds between Jews and Armenians.

The Aznavour apartment became a place of hope during a time of darkness, a house that offered “a hope for life.”

Aznavour said that today he is more French than Armenian, “but I have never denied my Armenian origins. Jews and Armenians have many things in common, in happiness and in sorrow, in our work and our music. We also know how to become important people in the countries that have welcomed us all over the world.”

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