Garo Paylan vows to keep struggling for Armenian Genocide recognition

Turkey will neither manage to solve the Kurdish issue, nor establish democracy without facing the fact of the Armenian Genocide, Member of the Turkish Parliament Garo Paylan says.

Addressing the 6th Armenia-Diaspora Conference in Yerevan, Paylan said added that “only democratic Turkey will open the borders with Armenia.

“Unless Turkey becomes a democratic state, we’ll have to wait for decades. Do we have the right to pass this issue on to the coming generations? No, we don’t. Four generations of Armenians have been struggling for a just solution to the great injustice that befell the Armenian nation,” the MP said.

“Turkey is living a dark winter now,” Paylan said and voiced regret over the fact that the West keeps eyes closed on human rights violations in the country, Paylan said.

“A great crime was committed 102 years ago, and it continues into now, because an a crime unpunished leads to new crimes,” the lawmaker said.

Paylan said he dreams of equality and peaceful co-existence of peoples. “I believe that we will once have the justice that will lead to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, and I will keep struggling for this,” Garo Paylan concluded.

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