Artsakh a reliable and predictable partner for all friends – Foreign Minister

On September 18, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh Republic) Karen Mirzoyan delivered a speech at the session entitled “Contemporary External Challenges and Armenia-Diaspora Cooperation in addressing them” which was organized within the framework of the 6th Armenia-Diaspora Conference under way in Yerevan.

The Foreign Minister touched upon the challenges that threaten the entire region and the two Armenian Republics, as well as the possibilities of confronting them using the joint potential of Artsakh, Armenia, and the Diaspora.

The Foreign Minister noted: “In Artsakh, we consider the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict as the main challenge. We have repeatedly reaffirmed our firm conviction that it can be resolved exclusively through peaceful negotiations and on the basis of the fundamental principles of international law, primarily the right of peoples to self-determination.”

Karen Mirzoyan stressed that despite Azerbaijan’s attempts to escalate the situation and to speak to the Armenian parties and the international community in the language of threats, Artsakh continues its consistent efforts aimed at ensuring peace and stability in the region.

He expressed confidence that the Republic of Artsakh, in spite of the challenges and resistance it faces, would never turn away from its chosen path and would continue to develop and strengthen its independent statehood and strive for its recognition by the international community, noting that the international recognition of Artsakh would also ensure the irreversibility of the peace process and would become a signal for official Baku of unacceptability of the use of force or the threat of its use.

In his speech, the Minister of Foreign Affairs highly appreciated the continuous assistance by the Armenians worldwide to Artsakh, thanks to which it was possible to overcome the immense hardships existing on the way of strengthening and developing the young statehood, as well as to have significant achievements in the processes of international recognition and establishment of bilateral cooperation on different levels.

“Today, Artsakh, with its culture, system of values and way of life is keeping pace with the modern world and is a reliable and predictable partner for all its friends”, the Foreign Minister said.

Concluding his speech, Karen Mirzoyan stressed, “I am confident that regardless of all the difficulties and sometimes seemingly limited opportunities, through joint efforts and coordinated work we will overcome all the challenges, turning them into opportunities”.

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