Public Radio of Armenia is 91

Eight new plaques were opened on the Walk of Fame in front of Public Radio of Armenia today. The alley features the names of the devotees, who have contributed to the establishment and development of Armenian TV and Radio.

“Many speak about the past of the radio, but today is the day to speak about the future,” says Mark Grigoryan, Executive Director of Public Radio of Armenia.

He said “the radio knows how to enter every house” and added that “it will be more dynamic and operative from now on.”

The Public Radio of Armenia celebrates the 91st anniversary today.

“The construction of the radio station in Yerevan has been completed. The station will start operating in five days,” the “Soviet Armenia” newspaper informed on August 27, 1926.

The Voice of Yerevan was first heard on air on September 1, 1926.

Yerevan is speaking… these words have been on air for 91 years now, spreading the voice of the Armenian state worldwide. With a rich history, but always young, the Public Radio of Armenia celebrates the anniversary with a new season.

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