PM Karapetyan expresses gratitude to «Khosrov Forest» firefighting participants

Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan has thanked the participants of the firefighting in «Khosrov Forest». He informed that the main hotbeds of the fire in the territory of the reserve are put out according to August 16 data. PM Karapetyan published the information on his Facebook page.

The day before the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations informed that around 17:30, Armenia time, the remaining hotbeds of fire with 2.5 km perimeter were extinguished. It was emphasized in the report that the environmental protection forces, the Armed Forces of the republic, as well as the local residents were involved in the firefighting works. A Russian firefighting Il-76 airplane continued the efforts creating humid atmosphere to avoid repeated ignition.

«I want to thank our rescuers, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Armed Forces of RA, the Police, the forestry staff, and all our citizens who took part in the firefighting works. I express my gratitude to our colleagues from Russia, particularly to the Prime Minister of the RF, for special equipment allocation. I am thankful to the Russian pilots and rescuers for their work», Karen Karapetyan wrote on his Facebook page.

«No country is guaranteed against emergency situations, and sometimes even the strongest countries cannot fight a nature catastrophe exclusively by themselves. Naturally, that does not mean that we do not have any problems and that we will not make respective conclusions. The situation will be scrupulously studied and the maximum will be done to avoid such disasters in the future», the Prime Minister mentioned.

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