Russian Federation Council ratifies Agreement on joint group of forces with Armenia

The Russian Federation Council ratified today the Agreement on joint group of forces with Armenia signed in Moscow on November 30, 2016, RIA Novosti reports.

The Agreement determines the purpose, the order of formation, deployment and use of the joint group of forces. The forces are meant to ensure security in the Caucasian region of collective security.

Among the main tasks of the group is the timely detection of the preparation of an armed attack (aggression) against Armenia and Russia and the repelling of it; covering of the land border of both countries within the established limits of liability; participation in the protection of the Armenian and Russian borders in the aerospace, as well as participation in the air defense of troops and critical facilities of both countries deployed in the region.

A joint command will be established to manage the group of forces. The decision on the deployment and use of the forces shall be taken jointly by the Commanders-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Armenia and Russia.

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