Eurovision 2017: Georgia’s Tamara Gachechiladze sings Komitas

Tamara Gachechiladze, who represents Georgia at Eurovision 2017, follows Germany’s Levina and Cuprus’ Hovig to accept a challenge to sing an Armenian song.

Tamara has shared a Video of her singing the Armenian song “Lorik” by Komitas.

Armenia’s entrant Artsvik earlier performed a Georgian song “Moxevis Qalo Tinao” and challenged Tamara Gachechiladze to perform an Armenian song.

Levina of Georgia and Hovig of Cyprus had earlier accepted the challenge and performed Armenian folk songs.

Artsvik says Eurovision 2017 theme “Celebrate Diversity” inspired her to launch the series of covers. She’s challenging artists from around Europe to perform their own covers of Armenian folk songs of their choice.

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