The Kurdish Voice of Radio Yerevan: Book by Zeri Inanc published in Turkey

“The Kurdish Voice of Radio Yerevan” – a book by Zeri Inanc has been published in Turkey, Agos reports.

The book tells about the role of Public Radio of Armenia (or Radio Yerevan as the Kurds call it) in the preservation of the Kurdish language and culture.

“The Public Radio has played an immense role in the preservation of the Kurdish identity and cultural legacy,” author Zeri Inanc said in an interview with “Agos.” His studies reveal that over 10.000 recordings of Kurdish folk songs, once prohibited in Turkey, are kept in he archives of the Public Radio.

“Every Kurd who has been listening to Kurdish programs thanks to Radio Yerevan has much to tell,” Zeri Inanc said.

According to him, Radio Yerevan is a common memory for Kurds deprived of the opportunity to get education in their native language.

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