ArmCulture AR: New 3D animation of monuments in Yerevan




The new ArmCulture app will allow to see the animated 3D images of the monuments to Hovhannes Tumanyan and Alexander Spendiaryan. The application developed by the Arloopa and Aurora Bareallisse Marketing can be downloaded from the Appstore and Google Market.

When scanning the markers attached to the two monuments, one can see the 3D animation. Voice messages from Tumanyan and Spendiaryan can also be heard.

Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan says the initiative will be continuous.

“The video content will be periodically enriched. In the future Hovhannes Tumanyan and Alexander Spendiaryan will invite people to attend this or that performance or concert,” he said.

“I think this format is a new opportunity to encourage the youth to come to the Opera Theatre. We’ll try to apply the technology to other monuments, as well,” the Minister of Culture added.

According to Armen Amiryan, the initiative is a combination of Information Technologies and culture, which will inevitably lead to positive results.

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