Armenia will face no technical difficulties using Iskander and Smerch systems, officials say





October 19 marked the 24th anniversary of formation of the Rocket Forces and Artillery.  On this occasion Representatives of the General Staff of RA Armed Forces, Colonel Zorayr Gabrielyan and Colonel Artavazd Yaghmuryan presented the path of the rocket forces and artillery, the achievements registered in the course of 24 years. They also referred to the newly acquired Russian missile systems.

Armenia will face no technical difficulties using the Iskander and Smerch systems, Artavazd Yaghmuryan told reporters. He said relevant specialists had been trained before acquiring the systems.

He said the Republic of Armenia is authorized to make decisions on the necessity of using the missile systems.

Zorayr Gabrielyan added that “Russia possesses no technical means to prevent the use of those weapons.”

The systems now serve as a restraining factor, but according to the agreement, there are no restrictions on their use. The systems belong to our Armed Forces, and we’re going to plan their use and apply them without any restrictions if necessry, the high-ranking military officials assured.

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