Garnik Isagulyan: No one going to cede territories





The rumors about the plans to cede territories have nothing to do with reality, President of the “National Security” Party Garnik Isagulyan told reporters today.

Summing up the developments on the Karabakh issue since 1988, he said “the issue of territories has always been raised in negotiations ever since the conclusion of ceasefire in 1994.”

“Unfortunately, our political scientists, politicians think that when we speak about territories, it means the Armenian side is ready for unilateral concessions,” Isagulyan said.

“There are a number of areas occupied by Azerbaijan. Why doesn’t one think that when we speak about territories, it’s about the return of Azeri-occupied lands to the Armenian side?” he added.

According to Garnik Isagulyan, neither the NKR President, nor any official representative of Artsakh has ever spoken of unilateral concessions, although ,he said, “it has never been revealed what ‘mutual concessions’ mean.” He sees no problem with Armenia rpresentng Nagorno Karabakh in the negotiations.

Isagulyan believes the format is even more beneficial for the Armenian side. “Irrespectoive of what Armenia and Azerbaijan may agree upon one day, Artsakh can clearly state it disagrees with the position of Armenia,” he explained.

He assured no one is going to cede territories and added that no one can force Armenia and Artsakh make concessions. He added that the Armenian side has not signed any document ever since 1994. All other documents just form the basis of negotiations and are not signed by anyone.

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