Doctors report progress in the recovery of three soldiers wounded in April clashes

Three servicemen wounded in the military clashes in April are still getting treatment at the Central Clinical Military Hospital of the Ministry of Defense. Doctors report positive changes in the condition of the three men.

Avetis Zargaryan and Roland Sahakyan remain in the intensive care department. Avetis, 19, had injured several vertebras and the spinal cord, but is gradually recovering.

Roland Sahakyan has undergone several surgeries.

Hovhannes Poghosyan had suffered a severe craniocerebral injury, brain injury, other multi-injuries. His speaking abilities are gradually recovering after treatment at the Department of Neurosurgery. He can now move his right hand and leg.

Minister of Helath Armen Muradyan visited the servicemen at the hospital today. He talked to the soldiers and discussed the details of their future treatment with the chief of the hospital Aram Asaturyan.

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