There’s no partner more reliable than Russia, Armenian Defense Minister says





“The military-technical cooperation between Armenia and Russia is developing. All agreements are being implemented on due level,” Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan told reporters at Yerablur Pantheon.

Speaking about the interstate loan agreement, the Minister said “it allows Armenia to purchase modern weapons at internal prices in Russia and the CSTO.”

As for the new Joint Air Defense System with Russia, Minister Ohanyan said “it will provide us with an opportunity to involve the fourth-generation multi-purpose fighter jets of the 102nd Russian military base in Armenia, as well as all capacities of the aerospace to solve air defense issues in the Caucasian region.”

“This will allow to collect all reconnaissance data in one place and prevent all violations, including the ones committed by our rivals. We do not see a more reliable partner than Russia in this respect,” the Minister added.

He assured that “all capacities of the Joint Air Defense System, the aviation forces and means will be planned and used under the leadership of RA Armed Forces and the aviation.”

Seyran Ohanyan dismissed the reports that it could lead to the worsening of relations with NATO.

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