Poll: 92% confident Armenian Army capable of rebuffing any Azeri assault





Over 92% of Armenians are confident the Armenian Armed Forces and the NKR Defense Army will be able to rebuff actions of the Azeri army, while 82% are ready to participate in military actions, if necessary, according to a poll conducted by the Armenian Representation of the Gallup International Association. Its director Aram Navasardyan presented the results of the survey on “Public response to the four-day April war” to reporters today.

The survey has been conducted among 1,106 citizens of the Republic of Armenia between May 13 and 24.

According to the public opinion poll, 72.5% consider that war is the most serious challenge facing our country, followed by unemployment.

What was the reason behind Azeri aggression in April? 46.7% believe it was incited by outer forces, namely Turkey; 32.5% consider the military actions served a cover for domestic problems in Azerbaijan.

More than 84.4% of the respondents said the Armenian Army is fully prepared to rebuff any large-scale assault, while 86.4% believe it’s necessary to purchase new military equipment to get better prepared for any possible attack in the future. Thirty-eight percent consider it’s necessary to reduce the corruption risks in the Armed Forces.

Which was the primary source of information during the four-day April war? Most respondents say they have received information from TV, Facebook, the public and the Facebook page of the Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense.

As for the reliability of information, 76.5% said they trust the official information. 82% pledged ready to participate in military actions, if necessary.

According to Artsrun Hovhannisyan, Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, such surveys help reveal both the achievements and shortcomings.

“This optimistic study makes us return to reality, which often gets distorted on Facebook,” Hovhannisyan said.

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