NKR Ombudsman’s Office launches fact-finding mission to prepare final report on Azeri atrocities





The Office of the NKR Human Rights Defender has launched a fact-finding mission to prepare a final report on the atrocities committed by Azeri forces against civilians and soldiers in Nagorno Karabakh, NKR Ombudsman Ruben Melikyan said in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia.

The Ombudsman’s Office released an interim report on April 22 to present the violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, the cases of attacks on civilian population of NKR, cases of inhuman treatment, as well as cases of torture and mutilation of the NKR Defense Army servicemen.

Ruben-Melikyan-Armine“The interim report was based exclusively on published facts, which are not enough for a final report,” the Ombudsman noted. Therefore, he said, the Human Rights Defender’s Office has started an independent fact-finding work.

The initial report includes photos and description of facts meant for people above 18. Only photos widely shared and discussed in mass media and on social networks have been used in the document.

According to Ruben Melkonyan, the Azeri atrocities have always been spoken about, but the recent cases were different. The utmost goal, he said, is to present the inhuman actions of the Azeri forces on international platforms.

The Ombudsman believes that the atrocities should be condemned and properly assessed by the international community. “There are enough facts and the Human Rights Defender’s Office will be consistent in presenting the facts to the world.”

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