Military actions could resume, if not the Vienna meeting: Ashot Ghulyan





“The main emphasis of the Vienna meeting was the commitment of the parties to return to the ceasefire agreements signed in 1994 and 1995,” Speaker of the NKR National Assembly Ashot Ghulayn said in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia.

Therefore, he said, the initial basis of the process inspires hope that Artsakh will return to the negotiating table, as the 1994-1995 agreements were signed between Armenia, Artsakh and Azerbaijan.

The Speaker does not rule out that military actions could resume had there been no meeting in Vienna.

According to Ashot Ghulyan, there is no common attitude in Armenia towards the Minsk Group, as the non-active and non-adequate reaction of the Co-Chairs led to Azerbaijan’s aggression.

“Azerbaijan is aware that there can be no international support for a military solution to Karabakh conflict,” Ghulyan said. He added that “Azerbaijan had no political will to declare about its military aspirations in Vienna.”

As for Artsakh’s recognition by Armenia, the Speaker said: “Had the bill been brought to the Parliament floor during the four-day war, it would be more comprehensible, but the submission of the bill 20 days later brought about a number of concerns. It could harm the fragile negotiation process.”

The military actions in early April come to prove that any assault of the rival is doomed to fail, Mr. Ghulyan said.

The Speaker said “there are no guarantees that Azerbaijan will not violate its commitments in the future.” Therefore, he said, the Armenian side should develop a clear plan of actions and make necessary legislative amendments.

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