Armenia Fund proclaims joint appeal with Armenian orgs. of Western US

Asbarez – The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund proclaimed a joint appeal with all major Armenian organizations of the Western United States, to develop and strengthen Artsakh’s statehood and, especially today, to further its security:

At this time of crisis, when the people of Artsakh are engaged in a life-and-death struggle to defend our homeland against the blatant aggression of the Azeri armed forces,

We, the Armenian churches, organizations, and unions of the Western United States declare that:

ACTING in the spirit of pan-Armenian unity;

ASSERTING that the security of Artsakh is of indisputable and absolute importance to every Armenian;

RECOGNIZING the crucial and ongoing role which the Armenia Fund (Hayastan All-Armenian Fund) has had for the past quarter century in the development and strengthening of Artsakh’s statehood, by uniting the largest structures of the Armenian diaspora around this vision,

We REAFFIRM our unanimous support of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s mission and goals,


APPEAL to all Armenian Americans to generously contribute to the Armenia Fund’s HELP ARTSAKH! Telethon, which will be broadcast by all Armenian television channels in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 14, 2016. This special Telethon is dedicated to addressing the urgent humanitarian needs of war-torn Artsakh.

Contributing to the security of the homeland is the duty of every Armenian.

May 9, 2016
Los Angeles, California

Western Diocese of the Apostolic Church of North America, Burbank

Western Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America, La Crescenta

Armenian Evangelical Union of North America

Armenian Catholic Eparchy of U.S. and Canada

Social Democrat Hunchakian Party of the Western USA

Armenian Democratic Liberal (Ramgavar) Party, U.S. Western Region

Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Western U.S. Central Committee

A.G.B.U. Western District Committee

Armenian Relief Society of Western USA

Armenian Assembly of America, Southern California Regional Council

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