Bundestag to recognize Armenian Genocide with vast majority of votes: Albert Weiler





The German Bundestag will approve the Resolution on recognition of the Armenian Genocide on June 2, Member of Bundestag, Head of the Germany-Armenia Forum Albert Weiler declared in Yerevan today.

“I assure that the Armenian Genocide recognition bill will be put on a vote at the plenary session of the Bundestag. I think the resolution will pass with a vast majority of the votes, he said.

According to Weiler, the parliamentary forces are still holding discussions on the content of the bill, but one thing is clear – the term ‘genocide’ will be included in the title, and the events of 1915 will finally have the right formulation.

Referring to Turkish Ambassador’s warning to Germany, Weiler noted that “not only the Turkish, but also the Azerbaijani side is trying to interfere with the issue.” Despite that he hopes that the bill will pass almost unanimously.

The German lawmaker said “part of the resolution will refer to the restructuring of the Armenian-German relations.” “Germany should take up the responsibility of contributing to the normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations,” he said.

“Recognition of the Armenian Genocide will be a message to Armenia and Turkey to normalize the bilateral relations irrespective of the forces in power in Turkey. I hope the day we’ll be able to cross the Turkish border with my Armenian friends is not far away,” the Member of Bundestag said.

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