Karabakh condemns Azeri attempts to reconsider 1994 ceasefire agreement

The NKR  Foreign Minitry issued the following statement today;

Following the large-scale aggression against the Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR) in 2-5 April this year, the Azerbaijani authorities continue their efforts to bring the peaceful settlement process of the conflict to a final breakdown and transfer it into a military domain. Azerbaijan`s attempts to unilaterally denounce the tripartite agreement on the ceasefire of May 12, 1994 atthe UN and the OSCE come to prove this. Along with that the Azerbaijani side resorts to its traditional practice of fraud and manipulation, trying to lay the blame on the Armenian side, and thereby avoid liability for unleashing a war.

In this regard, we consider it necessary to remind that the agreement of 12 May 1994, concluded between the NKR, Azerbaijan and Armenia for an indefinite term is the only real achievement in the settlement process of the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict. Thanks to this very agreement the foundations for peaceful negotiations were laid and conditions for the activity of mediators in finding a fair and final solution to the conflict created.

Sharing the point of view of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs that this agreement, as well as the agreement of February 1995, form the basis of the cease-fire and its strengthening, we believe it is extremely important to consolidate the position of the international community and the mediator-states to take effective and urgent measures in forcing Azerbaijan to comply with the commitments taken within the framework of these agreements.

The NKR MFA strongly condemns any attempts of the Azerbaijani authorities to reconsider these agreements, regarding them as an overt intention of Azerbaijan to unleash a new war, and insists on the full restoration of the ceasefire regime established in May 1994.

To guarantee  the security of the NKR and its population, as well as topromotepeace and stability in the region, the NKR authorities will take diplomatic and other possible measures to safeguard the full implementation of the agreements of 12 May 1994 and 06 February 1995 as well as to exclude the possibility of the development of the situation bythe criminal scenario hatched by the Azerbaijani leadership.

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