Recognition of Artsakh by Armenia not far away: Harut Sassounian





“Following the April developments, the day of recognition of Artsakh by Armenia is not far away,” California Courier editor-in-chief Harut Sassounian told reporters in Yerevan today. He’s a strong believer that Artsakh should be declared an integral part of Armenia.

“Armenia’s earlier position was understandable. Recognition of Artsakh could endanger the negotiation process, but the situation has changed after the April events.

As for the Armenian Genocide recognition, Harut Sassounian said “the US has long recognized it.”

“If Obama refrained from uttering the word ‘genocide’ in his April 24th address, that’s his problem, because he will be remembered in American history as a liar President,” the publisher said.

London-based Mahmud Uzuni, an ethnic Kurd, who served a sentence in Turkey for his pro-Armenian views, also urges Ankara to get rid of historic lies.

He’s visiting Yerevan as representative of the Turkish-German Association “Union Against Genocide,” whose members visit Tsitsernakaberd every April 24 to apologize to Armenians and join the civilized world to call for Armenian Genocide recognition by Turkey.

Uzuni says it’s his obligation to apologize for the crimes committed by Kurds against Armenians.

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