Deployment of peacekeepers possible only after Artsakh and Azerbaijan recognize each other

“The deployment of peacekeepers along the Karabakh-Azerbaijan state border is possible only after the two countries recognize each other, after important humanitarian issues are solved,” Spokesman for the NKR President David Babayan told Public Radio of Armenia.

He said that only after all other issues are solved, peacekeepers could be stationed along the Azerbaijan-Karabakh state border or parts of it as a demonstration of goodwill or as a sign of willingness of the international community to contribute to the reinforcement of stability and peace in the region.

Babayan added, however, that in this case the deployment of peacekeepers could be senseless. “There are hundreds of countries sharing a state border, but we don’t see peacekeepers stationed between all countries.”

“This conflict is unique in the sense that there have never been peacekeepers here, but the parties have maintained the ceasefire, good or bad,” David Babayan stressed. He added that “this shows that Artsakh and Azerbaijan are able to co-exist together as two independent states, and it’s a fact.”

“Experience shows that we are capable of maintaining the ceasefire and live next to each other without foreign interference,” the Spokesman concluded.

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