Taner Akcam’s book “The Armenian Issue is Resolved” republished in Turkey

Taner Akcam Armenian GenocideTurkish genocide scholar Taner Akcam’s book titled “The Armenian Issue is Resolved” has been republished for the seventh time by Iletisim Publishing, reports.

According to the source, immediately after the Balkan War, the Committee of Union and Progress cleansed the Anatolian lands of all non-Muslim elements and Turkified them. The 1915 massacre of Armenians was the last stage of the Turkish policy.

In the work based on Ottoman documents Taner Akcam focuses on what the primary sources are telling about the events. The author presents the atrocities carried out under the constant control of Talaat Pasha and the reasons behind the so-called ‘deportation.’

The book quotes Tallat Pasha as saying in one of the telegrams that “The Armenian issue is resolved. There’s no need to stain the nation and the government with extra atrocities.”

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