Ankara blast: No Armenians killed or injured





The Armenian community has not suffered as a result of the Ankara blast, Ara Gochunyan, editor-in-chief of the Istanbul-based Jamanak daily, told Public Radio of Armenia.

“First of all, there are not many Armenians living in Ankara. According to our information, there are no Armenians among those killed and injured,” Gochunyan said.

He dismissed the concerns that in times of trouble Armenians face double threats – both for being Armenian and because of the unsafe situation in the country.

“Being exemplary citizens of Turkey, members of the Armenian community do not have such concerns. Besides, officials also call for cold-bloodedness and internal unity,” Gochunyan added.

He stressed that the Armenian community is saddened by and worried about the terrifying events in the country, especially considering that yesterday’s blast was the second in a month. Ara Gochunyan did not rule out that such developments could lead to radicalism and extremism, but added that “there are no such concerns among the Armenian community.”

Armenians of Turkey share the pain of the people and the country, he said.

The blast in Ankara’s key transport hub of Guven Park left 36 killed, and more than 100 injured.

Armenia said immediately after that it deplores the attack and expressed condolences to the families of the victims.

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