Copies of Armenian Jamanak daily not kept in Turkish archives

Jamanak dailyThe copies of Jamanak – one of the oldest Armenian papers in Turkey have not been preserved in Turkish state archives. MP Selina Dogan, who is of Armenian descent, raised the issue at Turkey’s Grand National Assembly, reports, quoting

Selina Dogan from the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) first addressed the leadership of the Turkish national archives, and redirected her inquiry to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism after receiving a negative response.

The MP stated that the paper could be an important source of information for researchers.

“Jamanak is the longest continuously running Armenian language daily published in Turkey. It is a witness of both the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey. From this point of view it’s extremely important to keep the copies of it archives,” Dogan said.

The first issue appeared on October 28, 1908 with Misak Kocunyan as the editor.

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