Arab League slams Turkey’s ‘blatant intervention’ in Iraq

AP Photo/ Burhan Ozbilici


The international backlash against Turkey has continued, with the Arab League being the latest organization to condemn the deployment of Turkish troops in Northern Iraq, labeling the incident an “intervention,” Sputnik News reports.

Following international criticism at Turkey’s decision to send troops into Northern Iraq to train Kurdish forces without Baghdad’s permission, Nabil Elaraby, Secretary-General of the Arab League, said the act was a “blatant intervention.”

He told newspaper Al Youm El Sabea that while the Arab League couldn’t take direct action against Turkey, they could release a statement condemning Ankara for the breach of Iraq’s national sovereignty.

Elaraby also warned that if Turkey continued to intervene in Iraqi territory without permission, then the Arab League would go to the UN Security Council to try and resolve the issue.

The furor comes after more than 100 Turkish troops, along with tanks and artillery, entered Kurdish-controlled territory in Northern Iraq.

Turkish officials said the deployment was merely part of a routine training exercise with Kurdish forces to help them fight against Islamic State.

However, Iraqi officials angrily criticized Turkey’s actions, saying that the move was a “serious breach of sovereignty.”

With tensions rising, Baghdad on Sunday threatened to go to the UN Security Council unless Turkey removed its forces within 48 hours.

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