Hovik Abrahamyan has voted for the sake of stable future





“I’ve voted for the sake of our stable future,” Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan said after he cast his vote in the referendum on Constitutional changes.

“After the voting the government should combine its efforts to ensure economic development to meet the expectations of the people,” the Prime Minister said.

He said everyone should be provided with the opportunity to vote freely and added that any outcome would be acceptable to the authorities.

“I cast my vote for the sake of our stable future and development. We’ve done our best to ensure the transparency of the voting. We’ve urged all our teammates not to do a disservice. Let the public decide whether to accept the Constitutional changes or not. I’ve not received any reports on serious violations so far. I hope the commissions will do their utmost to avoid violations,” Hovik Abrahamyan said.

He urged the teammates to avoid any provocation and ensure transparent voting.

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