Microsoft’s Acceleration Program supports startups in Armenia

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia has launched the new round of Acceleration Program, targeting startups with innovative solutions. 14 teams, presenting various solutions have been selected out of more than 50 applicants in the result of strict selection and interview. In line with the tendencies, currently dominating in the international market, teams in Armenia offer solutions in such areas as e-commerce, B2B solutions, video editing, social solutions etc.

Artashes Vardanyan, the head of Acceleration Program of Microsoft innovation center mentions that the startups, involved in the program are at different stages of development. There are teams at the idea or prototype stage, at the same time under the Acceleration Program assistance will also be provided to startups, which already have users and ensure stable retention rate, as well as have managed to attract their first investments.

Under the 12-week acceleration program startups will work on the development of their products, powered by mentorship from experienced specialists. This round of the program will involve specialists from Silicon valley, Israel, Australia, Russia, who have huge experience in turning idea into a product. Armenian experts will work with the teams and provide professional and business consultancy. In addition, the participating teams will receive working space and other facilities in the center. They will be able to participate in all events, training courses and seminars, organized by MIC Armenia. Taking into account that some of the teams have already their products developed, the Acceleration program will try to make some connections with investors and venture funds. The program will culminate in the MIC Demo Day, where a global audience will witness the product demonstrations and startups will receive feedback from experts. 4 startups: Solo Learn, Forkize, Flaxton և Penny, involved in the previous rounds of the Acceleration program attracted more than 350,000 USD for the further development and marketing of their products.

The teams, participating in this round of the Acceleration program are the following:

  • BeeCart – an online system of on-demand grocery delivery
  • Archimedes – a solution, intended to automate lessons scheduling process at higher educational institutions
  • Challenger – an app, intended to help people to achieve their procrastinated goals, by creating challenges and competing with each other
  • CPU panda – an online CPU retailer with worldwide shipping
  • Follow My Youtube – a web solution, allowing to watch youtube videos together with friends at the same time but from different places
  • Friendhub – a mobile application, intended to help people to socialize in real life
  • Homesweet – an on-demand cooking order of your favorite food
  • Helpie  – a solution to make better UX and to help and support communications
  • gShop – an automated delivery of household goods, based on consumption behavior
  • Masoor solutions –  a smart medical scheduler to help patients to take medicine and treatment in time
  • NeedChange – an app, that will help to avoid inconvenience while visiting places of entertainment and make reservations.
  • Renderforest – a free online video making tool
  • New life – an e-commerce platform/aggregator of clothes stores
  • Filmer – a mobile app intended to help you find your next favorite movie for watching
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