President Sargsyan’s congratulatory message on Nagorno Karabakh Independence Day

Dear Compatriots!
I congratulate you on the occasion of the Independence Day of Nagorno Karabakh.

The Independence Day of Artsakh is a festivity for Armenians in all over the world, but first of all it is the festivity for the people from Artsakh. On this very historic day in 1991 due to the declaration of independence a suffering but at the same time heroic segment of Armenians was saved from the clutches of violence and totalitarian regime, national and religious discrimination, persecution and pogroms, lie, falsehood and anti-Armenian racist propaganda. And it was you who did it.

And our struggle was not over with that heroic deed; on the contrary, it entered a new stage of fight for the right to live in our own house with dignity, for the human and national rights. On the battlefield the Artskhian defended his and his children’s life, saved his and his children’s future.

In 2015 that marks the 100th anniversary of Meds Yeghern, when we commemorate the canonized martyrs, independent and proud-spirited Artsakh gains deeper significance and value for all of us.

Dear compatriots,

Day by the number of friends of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and its people is growing. Day by day the international reputation of Artsakh, steadily walking along the path of independence and democracy, is growing. It is the result of both your just and creative efforts and your achievements in the statehood- and army-building.

Once again I congratulate you on the occasion of this glorious day, recalling the longstanding and wise motto “Freedom does not have an alternative”.

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