Russia’s military base in Armenia alerted in snap combat readiness check

The Russian military base in Armenia was alerted on Tuesday in a sudden combat readiness check, the press office of Russia’s Southern Military District said on Tuesday, TASS reports.

“The commission of the Southern Military District headed by the District’s Deputy Commander, Lieutenant-General Igor Turchenyuk has started a sudden combat readiness check of the military base located in the Republic of Armenia,” the press office said in a statement.

“During the sudden check, the commission will study the readiness of on-duty forces in the aviation unit in Erenbuni and the military base in the Gyumri garrison for the accomplishment of the tasks for switching to full combat readiness,” the press release said.

Special attention will be paid to practical actions from an alarm call to the deployment of the base’s units in the designated areas for accomplishing combat training tasks in the Kamkhud and Alagyaz training ranges.

The military drills will be monitored with the help of the Navodchik-2 drones.

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