Political crisis awaits Turkey: Hakob Chakryan





Political crisis awaits Turkey as the ruling Justice and Development Party has failed to win the majority, while the rest of the parties will not form coalition either with Erdogan or with each other, expert of Turkish studies Hakob Chakryan told reporters today.

Hakob Chakryan said it was important for the People’s Democratic Party to cross the threshold of 10 percent. Had it received less than 10 percent of the ballot, the votes would add up to those of Erdogan’s party. The latter would thus be able to change the Constitution and make Turkey a presidential republic.

The dreams vanished as the ruling party even failed to make a simple majority, the expert said. According to him, the perspectives are dim, as the four parties to be represented in the 500-seat parliament are unlikely to form a coalition.

“None of the opposition parties is willing to form a coalition with the Justice and Development party. Neither do they want to form a coalition with each other. Therefore, political crisis is awaiting Turkey. Even yesterday, there were already talks about snap elections. That means the situation is not that good,” Chakryan said.

As for the three Armenians to be represented in the Turkish Parliament, the expert said “they cannot play any positive role for the Armenian Cause.”

“If they at least manage to defend the interests of the Turkish Armenian communty, that will be positive,” he said.

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