U.S. Embassy organizes a “Clara Barton Reading Tour” across Armenia

In celebration of the Armenian National Library Week, the U.S. Embassy is organizing from April 13-17 a “Clara Barton Reading Tour” to schools in Yerevan and in each of the five American Corners in Armenia. Ambassador Mills kicked the week off with a Clara Barton reading at the Yerevan American Corner.

Each participating school is being visited by a pair of Embassy employees, one American and one Armenian, who will read the book Clara Barton, Our Angel Too in both English and Armenian to the students, followed by a short discussion about Clara Barton’s life and work. The American Corners in Vanadzor, Gyumri, Charentsavan, and Kapan will each host a Peace Corps volunteer to lead the discussions.

Clara Barton (1821-1912) is remembered as a friend to Armenia, and for her compassion, humanitarianism, and commitment to helping people, regardless of race or nationality.  Clara Barton, a nurse during the American Civil War, founded the American Red Cross. At the age of 74, in response to the humanitarian crisis in the wake of the Hamidian Massacres, she travelled to Constantinople and opened the first American International Red Cross headquarters there.  Her efforts helped save tens of thousands of Armenians.

The United States has been a steadfast friend to Armenia, and has stood shoulder to shoulder with Armenia in times of need.  Clara Barton is an example of that solidarity.  Her life showed the power of one person to make a difference for thousands.

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