Rapper Kanye West visits Tumo Center

International superstar and 21 time Grammy award winning musician Kanye West visited Tumo today. He toured the center and got acquainted with Tumo’s learning programs.

Kanye started his visit by seeing his fellow musicians in action at the Tumo music studio, where the Pyramidz electro band and the TmbaTa orchestra gave an impromptu performance. After watching girl band Decibelle’s new music video and listening to “Hamayak Jan”, a collaborative track by all Tumo music workshop participants, Kanye said he was extremely impressed by the talent at Tumo and how students had taken ownership of traditional folk songs and interpreted them in various styles.

After a quick photo with Tumo students, Kanye’s next stop was Liz Artinian’s color animation workshop, followed by a visit to Tumo’s animation startup Yelling Studios where, inspired by the young animators’ work, he said that he is dreaming of being the next Walt Disney. While walking through the Tumo floor, Kanye approached a student who gave a spontaneous demonstration of Tumo’s online learning platform and showed him the details of her personal learning plan. No Tumo tour is complete without a visit to the Lego robotics workshop where it turned out that Kanye’s favorite childhood toy was Lego. He was amazed that so much could be done with his favorite toy.

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